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Solar show room

Experimental system using solar energy to meet electricity needs within a residential neighborhood

1. Status of Energy and the future.
By 2050 it is expected depletion of oil reserves, emissions threaten to cause dramatic climate changes. If not quickly put a serious amount of use of new energy sources after the 2050 Earth can support with resources no more than 2 billions of people.Therefore, the immediate introduction of new sources of energy is a matter of survival of the population of Earth!

2. Players in the project:
– Residents of an statistical average residential neighborhood in a medium developed cities in Bulgaria about 100 households with consumption of about 3 Kw / h each.
– A consortium of companies – manufacturers of components and devices for solar kit, registered in Bulgaria in the form of joint stock company.
– Representatives of state and local government.
– My own association “Memory” – logistics.

3. Funding:
– 70% of the EU budget;
– 30% of the consortium.

4. Benefits to residents:
– Receive free electricity;
– Greatly reducing the population accounts for electrical energy;
– Be the first to benefit from electricity produced by modern technology.

5. Duties of residents – signed a contract that:
– In the next 20 years are willing to actively participate in the experiment;
– About the same time provide their own comfortable space for installation of PV panels and other necessary elements of the system;
– Provide access to the teams of the Consortium for the installation and maintenance of the system;
– Provide access to clients of the Consortium to get acquainted with the system;
– Use of appeal without electricity from conventional grid system of emergency.

6. Advantages of the consortium of companies – have the opportunity at a price 30% of the real:
– To test in real conditions produced PV panels and other devices of the system with length equal to the duration of their guarantee;
– Receive unparalleled in scale and efficiency showroom.
– Accumulation of the percentage of reduction of bills to pay for electricity (ROI) – invaluable information for the real expansion of the market.
– The gradual introduction of household appliances working with DC.
– Testing of cooperation between companies in the consortium.
– Testing of a range of devices from different manufacturers, etc. solar kit.
– Ensure its market in Bulgaria and Balkans.

We can start with a  Solar Showroom …

For official correspondence will be used e-mail : doncho (at) google (dot) com .

Obtain and use solar energy at home – demonstration room

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2. A description of the product and what it does

3. Market of solar systems in Bulgaria

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