Your letter:

Hi Doncho,
Following my call, I was looking to understand your involvement in solar so I could see if we could be of assistance in any way. For what reason did you register on our website?
Our journal is probably not relevant to your business by the sounds of it, as you are not buying or manufacturing.
Best regards,
Peter Gibson
Photovoltaics International
Trans-World House, 100 City Road, London EC1Y 2BP United Kingdom

Our answer:

Hello, dear Peter Gibson,

We believe that the most profitable is to use a small device to produce electricity from the sun for every household. In this case, the electricity produced will be used in the place of production. Will not have electricity transmission.

Why we believe?

Worldwide use electricity to AC. The aim is to reduce losses in electricity transmission over long distances.

Electricity produced by solar panels is DC. If you’d like to sell this energy to energy companies, you must convert it from DC to AC energy. The device cost of energy conversion from DC to AC power is about 75% of the entire device for obtaining electrical energy from the sun. Therefore, if we get electricity from the sun – with DC power and use the same energy as DC we will reduce the cost of the entire device by 75%. That is very cool!!!

Investment of the device for obtaining electrical energy from the sun is at the expense of the household. Therefore, if you find a way to use solar energy as DC, without conversion to AC, we will reduce costs of the investment for each household with about 75%.

These are facts. These facts are not known to the customer, not understood by loan officers from banks to finance their activities on energy efficiency and thus are not interesting enough for manufacturers of devices for converting solar energy into electrical energy due to the small market share.

In this regard, we actively seek media partner for active information campaign. In this regard, we increasingly looking partners – manufacturers of solar installations to create a real Solar Show Room in Bulgaria.