Obtain and use solar energy at home – demonstration room

Business plan

1. What is the business?

1.1 A brief description of the business idea and why it should be a success:

This is a project to obtain and use solar energy at home. Transformation of electrical power from DC to AC is not necessary. Order to implement the idea, depending on the use of appliances: lighting, heating, cooking, electronics. Funding for each household – through a cooperative loan, monthly payments equal to or 25% higher than electricity bills. Starting the idea – by organizing a demonstration room at address: 26 Belasica str, 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria. The coordinates are 43.405129, 24.623151.

Solar home project

1.2 History of the enterprise and its ownership

There is now the beginning of 2012 and ownership is cooperative.

1.3 Information about the entrepreneur’s qualifications, experience and financial status

* I, Doncho Pachikov, I’m a major developer. I am a doctor of technical sciences, engineering, master of electronics and economics.

* I have over 30 years work experience. I am a participant and (or) led a number of projects in communications, construction, industrial automation, manufacturing.

* I am the owner of the family property in Pleven worth over 200,000 Euros and the hereditary property of the village in two regions of the country, totaling approximately 170,000 Euros. I will personally participate in the project with the value of property in Pleven – 200.000 Euros. This property will be used for the construction of a demonstration show room.

 1.4 Location. 26 Belasica str, 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria. The coordinates are 43.405129, 24.623151.

1.5 Time frame. The demonstration room will be ready in 6 to 12 month


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