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                                                 Dear Tammara Burton,

 Dear Tammara Burton,

It is so unbelievable to have your answer letter!

Here is my try to write the answer.

 1. First, we – NGO “Memory” and Director of Height School “Intellect” in Pleven, Bulgaria, we opened New PC Class, named to your grandfather John Atanasoff. This way our, in Intellect, school girls and boys will be informed about WORLD CHANGER: ATANASOFF AND THE COMPUTER! Now we have from Tangra TanNakRa your book with the name pointed above.

 My suggestion is you can send a standard telegram to the students and Director of the school with congratulations about the opening of New PC class and wishes etc. Seems it will be easy for you. The exact address is:

 Uchilishte Intellect, Drujba, 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria

 Director is Mr. Emil Rajkov

 What do you think?

 2. Here in Bulgaria we have The President Prize named to your grandfather John Atanasoff. It is a very hard prize for high educational and high productive Bulgarians in the area of IT.

 I have an idea we in NGO Memory with your support, we can create the non government prize for Bulgarian students or (and) high schools with successful works in the area of IT. John Atanasoff Prize for Education – sounds very good? We can give first time this prize to Intellect in Pleven – on the territory of Intellect was generated this idea and it is very good as reason!

 I think the best prize can be the film about your grandfather John Atanasoff with a small paper attached and Manu scripted personally from your hand with the text as follows:

 Dear Bulgarian,

God bless you

to revive the truth about the Bulgarian’s’ historical role and contribution to world civilization and culture;
– to make the international public aware of the influence, role and significance of the ancient Bulgarians’ civilization;
– to add to Paisiy’s History of the Bulgarian People and show it to the world.

Tammara Burton, granddaughter of John Atanasoff

XI century, The World

We have the film from Tangra foundation, text is on the base of Objects of Tangra Foundation, so seems it will be easy to agreed Tangra to contribute to the idea of prize, too.

I will talk with Tangra about this idea after I had your YES about, if I will.

 23.04.2007 г.                                Chaiman: PhD D. Pachikov