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How to coantact in Bulgaria with your questions

Doncho Pachikov

1. By email. An email adress that I am going to check many times every day is : doncho(at)gmail.com

2. By phone: A GSM with SIM card phone number that is in my hand, including the time when I am in the bathroom is : +359 878 374227. This is a mobile number. In this time I do not use a fixed phone number, I do not stand many hours in my office. This is why I prefer to use a mobile phone number.

3. I can use Skype to contact with you. It is possible if we have arranged meeting with exact day and hour. Appointments can be made by e-mail.

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Notes: Verification of registered users and visitors. You know that online verification issue is very important. We use the “soft” verification. Check the accuracy of the stationary phone, its geographical location, the registration of your website and your email address. Experience has shown that for our purposes this level of verification is sufficient. Please fill in all the fields of the contact form so we can verified.