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Entries for October, 2011


Welcome in Proposal! SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME AND INNOVATION The scientific program of the proposed COST Action is expected to be structured around four Working groups (WG). In the following the major scientific challenges for each of them are presented. -WG1 Define the uniform EU learning content for basic disciplines. -WG2 Create Web-based Uniform Internet System (WUIS) […]

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Welcome in Proposal! OBJECTIVES, DELIVERABLES AND EXPECTED SCIENTIFIC IMPACT The main objective of the Action are:- propose new algorithmic solutions for creating and using the e-Learning content for original and integral EU education system; – use results and concepts in order to improve language training of students in Europe – not in principle but through […]

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Welcome in Proposal! ORGANISATION The proposed network will be structured at two levels, for management purposes, and in seven working groups – WG, mainly for scientific purposes.-The seven WG are expected to be organized around the following subjects, as detailed above: -Pedagogics of E-learning; -Delivery of E-learning; -Standards of E-learning; -Research of E-learning; -Multimedia of […]

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